Photoshoot at Golfo Paradiso

Saba & Stephanie 🇮🇷 🇻🇪

The photoshoot at Golfo Paradiso was made to say goodbye to summer. In 2022, with Saba and Stephanie, we decided to celebrate almost at the end of the world – we went for an aperitivo to Punta Chiappa on the charming bay of Golfo Paradiso (Italian: Paradise Bay). It is located in the eastern part of the Ligurian Riviera. Punta Chiappa, on the other hand, is a sharp section of land – la punta (it. the point). This place is part of the Portofino Natural Park, a Marine Protected Area of the commune of Camogli. We took a train from Genoa to beautiful Camogli. While waiting for the water taxi to take us to Punta Chiappa, we saw a small port. We were also lucky because on this day the Dragonara castle was open to visitors.

Capitan Mugugno

Finally, a water taxi took us to the Capitan Mugugno bar hidden among the cliffs. From the motorboat we could admire the panorama of Camogli – it looks even more beautiful from the sea. The journey took about 15 minutes and transportation was provided by the bar. Capitan Mugugno is the size of a kiosk and opens only in the summer season. Fortunately, summer lasts a very long time in Italy. The tables are placed on a concrete platform right by the sea. When you get off the boat, you can almost immediately take your seat. To the delight of all adult “children”, there is also a swing there!

We were very lucky again and got a table at the very end of the pier – with a view of the sea. Thanks to this, we had the opportunity to observe how the colours of the water and sky change with the setting sun. The passage of time was clearly visible, but I felt as if everything had stopped. The isolation, the sound of the sea and the spectacle of light were like meditation. The whole thing was crowned by the night illumination of towns visible on the distant shore and the endless, dark nothingness of the water. We said goodbye to summer in the most magical way we could have imagined.

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