Photoshoot in Liguria

Klaudia & Mateusz 🇵🇱

nitially, we were supposed to meet in Milan. After talking to me, Klaudia, Mateusz and the little dog Fado changed their minds and decided that they were coming to Liguria. Were you surprised by this decision? Milan is a stunning city. However, you will not find narrow streets with colourful houses there, nor is there the sea, which delights regardless of the weather and creates a beautiful background for photos. Our photoshoot in Liguria had a nostalgic and electrifying atmosphere. Despite the cloudy sky, there was a promise of sun and summer. Klaudia and Mateusz decided to have a photo session in two locations. In order not to burden them too much, we took the photos on different days.


The first choice is the Genoese classic – Boccadasse. Bocadâze in the Genoese dialect means “donkey’s mouth” and refers to a type of fishing net. There was once a small fishing village here, which over time the city absorbed it into its structure. However, what remains of it are beautiful, colourful houses and a bay with a beach and a port for boats. Walking through the streets of Boccadasse you can feel like you are in the animated Disney movie Luca. We took the last photos of the day on the nearby Belvedere Capo Di Santa Chiara observation deck. The navy blue and turquoise colour of the sea and the cloudy sky created the most beautiful background for photos.


The next day, despite the uncertain weather, we met for the second photo session, this time in Camogli. In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful towns on the eastern Ligurian Riviera. Why? Colourful houses lined up right on the shore of the beach. There is no shortage of charming, narrow streets. And a small, hidden port full of boats encourages you to go out to sea. The name of the town has a very romantic origin. Sailors going to sea left their wives in their shared house – Casa de Mogile, which literally means “wife’s house” in Italian. After finishing the photos, we sat down with a glass of Aperol and a piece of focaccia al formaggio. at the Sea Bar Bistro. Focaccia al formaggio is a traditional dish from nearby Recco – white cheese baked between thin layers of dough.

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