Female photoshoot in Genoa

Saba 🇮🇷

This is another unique female photoshoot in Genoa! The inspiration for the photos was the work of American photographer Jamie Beck, whose works resemble impressionist paintings, rich in mysterious light and colour. The portraits mainly depict women and very often the author herself. Everyday life photographed seems to have a distant, mysterious meaning. The colours are very different from my photos – the deep colours are subdued with sepia, making them look like they come from distant times. From the very beginning, I was sure that Saba, with her elegant beauty, femininity and impenetrable personality, would perfectly fit the atmosphere of the photo session. In addition, like photographer Jaimie Beck, she is interested in French culture.

Palaces of Genoa

We started shooting in the beautiful patrician palace Palazzo Doria Tursi on via Garibaldi. This is one of my favourite places for portraits in Genoa. Currently, the palace houses the city hall, so it is open to everyone and can be visited without any obstacles. The second place was the Palazzo Imperiale in Piazza Campetto. On its first floor there is a stunning atrium (and the Les Rouges cocktail bar, which I highly recommend). Definitely less light reaches there, but it makes the portraits more mysterious. The elegant, classic architecture and interiors were complemented by a bouquet composed especially for this occasion by the TSVIT Italy flower shop. This session is a combination of inspiring artistic patterns, feminine energy and mystery. Additionally, the atmosphere of patrician villas in Genoa takes us back in time, creating unforgettable images.

Portrait of a woman

Finally, a poem by Polish poet Wisława Szymborska, presenting a portrait of a modern woman. I think it fits perfectly into the atmosphere of my photo session, referring to the inscrutable and changeable female nature.

She must come in many varieties.
To change so that nothing ever changes.
It’s easy, impossible, hard, worth trying.
Her eyes are, as needed, now deep blue, now grey,
dark, playful, brimming for no reason with tears.
She sleeps with him like a one-night stand, like his one and only.
With him, she will have four children, no children, one.
Naïve, yet giving the best advice.
Weak, yet able to bear anything.
Has no head on her shoulders, but will have.
Reads Jaspers and ladies magazines.
Doesn’t know what this screw is for and will build a bridge.
Young, as usual young, as always still young.
Holds in her hands a little sparrow with a broken wing,
her own money for a journey long and distant
a meat-cleaver, a poultice and a shot of vodka.
Where is she running like that, isn’t she tired?
Not at all, just a bit, very much, it’s not a problem.
Either she loves him or is determined to.
For better, for worse, and for heavens sake.

⁠- Portrait of a woman, Wisława Szymborska
Translation by: Justyn Hunia and Alice Lyons

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