Portrait by the sea

Anna 🇵🇱

I took my portrait by the sea on a cloudy February morning on the beach in Genoa. I often dream about water, which reflects my internal state. Clear and undisturbed when I am calm, agitated and cloudy when something worries me. I come from the southern region of Poland, which was many hours’ drive from the Baltic Sea. That’s why I’ve only seen the Polish sea a few times in my life. It was only when I lived close to water, first in Lisbon and now in Genoa, that I noticed its magical influence on my life. Sea therapy, as I called it, becomes for me not only a moment of relaxation, but also of deep reflection. When I look at the endless horizons and listen to the sound of the waves, I feel inner peace. It is often in moments like these, when I am alone with myself and the endless water, that I find inspiration to create. I am fascinated by its changing dynamics and colours. That’s why a self-portrait on the beach was a very personal experience for me.

Long exposure time

Portraits made using long exposure are real magic. This technique allows you to capture subtle movement, which gives the photo depth and dynamics. Thanks to long exposure, you can create unusual artistic effects, such as a fog effect around characters or a blurred background that focuses attention on the main subject of the photo. Such portraits are full of mystery and drama, which gives them a unique character. They often create a fairy-tale or oneiric atmosphere that attracts the eye and arouses emotions. This extraordinary combination of photographic technique with creativity and artistic sensitivity makes long exposure portraits extremely fascinating for both photographers and people viewing the photos. Each such portrait is a unique story about emotions, relationships and the beauty of human nature.

To take such a photo, you need a tripod or a place where you can place the camera still. In the case of a self-portrait, it is worth asking someone to help you take the photo, using a self-timer or a remote control. To further extend the exposure time, I used an Urth lens filter.

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