The art of industrial finish

Microcement is a decorative finishing material that offers enormous possibilities. It can be applied to walls, floors and even furniture. The number of textures and colours is endless and the only limit is your imagination. It is perfect for industrial, minimalist interiors, emphasising the geometry of the space. Its three-dimensional texture introduces a play of shadows that change with daylight and the illumination. A matte or polished finish of the material introduces additional effects. Therefore, interiors with microcement will never be boring. However, microcement is not only an aesthetic finish. Thanks to its composition (mainly cement and resins), it creates durable, water-resistant coatings. This is why it works well in bathrooms (photos of the realisation here), kitchens or public spaces.

Between Art & Design

The photographs were commissioned by Italian company Between Art & Design. Three brothers: Jackson, Luis and Leonardo Villamizar started their business in 2018 in Genoa. Between mainly deals with residential design and building renovation. Their speciality is specifically in microcement, custom-made furniture and resin flooring. Whether it’s a large project or a small renovation, they always put their clients at the heart of their work, combining their work with technical and artistic consultancy.