Microcement bathroom

Minimalism and functionality

Microcement bathroom combines minimalist design and functionality. It can be used on walls, floors and even ceilings. Surfaces made with this technique are homogeneous: they do not require joints. As a result, the interior is optically enlarged. In addition, it is a hygienic solution, as we avoid the accumulation of dirt in the joints. Therefore, it is ideal for bathrooms of any size. In this project, in addition to the walls and floors, a combined countertop with a sink and illuminated niches for cosmetics were designed. The whole was complemented with glass elements and dark stone decorations.
Light can be an interior decoration in itself. The LED light cutout above the bathroom mirror has a very practical use, but also creates a striking illumination. The play of light and shadow beautifully highlights the structure of the microcement. This will give any bathroom a modern touch.

Between Art & Design

The photos were created on behalf of Between Art & Design. It is an Italian company of three brothers founded in 2018 in Genoa. Between mainly deals with residential design and building renovation. Their specialty is just microcement, custom furniture and resin floors. You can see more details of the microcement finishes here.