Branding portrait of yoga teacher

Simona 🇮🇹

The branding portrait of the yoga teacher was a very interesting challenge. Simona is the owner of the Zenith studio in Genoa, where I practise. That’s why when she asked me to take headshot portraits, I was excited and intrigued. Because I could observe Simona’s way of working and personality during our training, I immediately knew what kind of teams I would like to create. From flexibility to control. Losing yourself and finding balance. The embodiment of both softness and strength. Attention to detail without losing the image of the larger whole.

My favourite frame from this photo session is the shell gesture – Shankh Mudra. It is performed by joining the four fingers of the right hand around the thumb of the left hand, while the thumb of the right hand touches the middle finger of the left hand. This mudra represents the shell horn that is played in the morning to announce the opening of the temple doors. Therefore, it symbolises the light shed on our inner temple. The gesture removes physical and spiritual impurities. It is also used for all throat problems and to open the respiratory tract or relieve pain in the lungs.

Why is a branding portrait important in creating a personal brand?

Branding photography is of great importance in today’s competitive market. In a world where your personal brand is crucial to your professional success, high-quality photos play a key role in shaping your online identity. The visual representation of the brand shows professionalism, credibility and personality to potential clients or employers. A well-executed brand portrait captures not only the physical appearance, but also the essence of a person’s brand history, values and unique strengths. It provides insight into their character, expertise and approachability, strengthening trust and connection with the audience. Moreover, consistent brand portraits across platforms ensure brand recognition and reinforce brand messaging, contributing to a strong and memorable image. Whether entrepreneurs, freelancers or corporate professionals, investing in professional branding portrait photography is essential to building a compelling brand presence that stands out in today’s competitive marketplace.

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