Rome Street Photography

Following the flow of history

The Eternal City draws me into its maze every time. I start in one place, but another church, monument, fountain, park, square is just around the corner. Each street has something hidden in it. So I go further and further, following the flow of history and my curiosity. You don’t even know when a short walk becomes an all-day pilgrimage through the city, which doesn’t really have a finish line. Sometimes I am carried away by the river of people, but it is enough to hide in the shadows to observe this endless stream from a distance. You can then feel the somewhat overwhelming weight of history that we physically experience at every step. This awareness brings euphoria and melancholy at the same time. Because imperial greatness and splendour also has its dark sides and places that are better not to visit.

Of course, I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t mention food. After long walks, Roman cuisine is a real delight and definitely allows you to regain all the calories lost during the walk. Every time, a must-have on the menu, regardless of whether it’s 3 or 30 degrees outside, is carbonara – my favourite pasta. Restaurants that I especially recommend are Cajo & Gajo in Trastevere and the accidentally discovered Fiaschetteria Marini.

Rome Travel Palette

Street photography in Rome helps you get to know the city and observe its palette. It is quite monochromatic – in shades of brown, orange and yellow. I think that given the size of the metropolis, it introduces a soothing element that calms the senses and allows you to focus your attention. First, grey and yellow khaki – perfect for camouflage, which helps you feel a little safer in the big city. It also reminds us of Rome’s military past. The sweet peach colour makes you feel the days full of sun and their juicy energy. Metallic bronze has a natural shade but at the same time emphasises the severity of the city. Finally, for contrast, the grey-blue colour of the slate adds dignity and elegance.