Hen party in Bergamo

Natalia 🇵🇱

The hen party in Bergamo was a surprise for the future bride Natalia. To thank her friends, she decided to organise a photo session from part of the party. Everything happened through her maid of honour – because Natalia didn’t know yet where her surprise party would take place.

Before arriving in Bergamo, we determined the exact route for our photos, because with such a large group (8 girls!) It is worth organising everything in advance so that the photos go smoothly and without unnecessary loss of time. So I looked for photogenic places, away from the main streets of the town, which were full of tourists in May. Natalia and her friends radiated positive energy, which made the session take place in an amazing atmosphere. We took many group photos, but each girl also had her own individual moment. At the end, we opened champagne on the viewing terrace, which was enthusiastically received, creating natural and emotional photos. The girls were very spontaneous, so this idea perfectly showed their characters and energy. It was a special evening full of joy and unforgettable moments! And thanks to photography, these beautiful moments will remain with them forever.

Why is it worth doing a reportage on a hen party?

A hen party is a special moment full of emotions and unforgettable moments spent with best friends. Therefore, it is worth immortalising this special time through a professional reportage or photo session. Photography from a hen party not only allows you to preserve beautiful memories, but also documents the unique atmosphere of this event. A professional photographer can capture authentic emotions, joy and spontaneity, creating photos that will be a valuable souvenir for years to come. Additionally, a photo session during a hen party can be an excellent opportunity to create beautiful group and individual portraits. During an emotional party, there is no risk that you will forget to take photos. Thanks to a reportage or photo session from a hen party, you can keep these magical moments forever, share them with your loved ones and enjoy beautiful memories for many years.

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