Photo shoot in Portofino

Ania 🇵🇱

The photo shoot in Portofino took place at the end of March, but summer was already in the air. Ania is a born diva, so the choice of place was not accidental.

We took a ferry from nearby Santa Margherita Ligure to the bay hidden among the hills. Portofino is one of the most exclusive resorts on the Italian Riviera, popular with celebrities from all over the world. The small marina with colourful rows of houses hides boutiques of famous fashion houses as well as luxurious hotels and restaurants. However, at the beginning of spring, when the season has not yet started, the town is almost empty. Thanks to this, the photo session could be done in an intimate atmosphere, without crowds of tourists. And Ania, with Portofino in the background, simply shines! With its self-confidence and classic style, it fits perfectly into the luxurious atmosphere of the Riviera. Of course, we couldn’t end the photos in any other way than with a glass of Aperol in Calata 32 overlooking the sea. Since the last ferries had already left, we returned to Santa Margherita Ligure by bus.

Accepting yourself

As a portrait photographer, I believe in the profound importance of self-acceptance and recognizing the innate beauty of every person, regardless of size, skin colour or other physical characteristics. Each person brings with them a unique story, personality and essence that deserves to be celebrated. My goal is to capture the authenticity and inner beauty of my characters, showing their individuality and self-confidence. By accepting ourselves as we are, we unlock the deep sense of strength and self-confidence that radiates from each portrait. It’s not about conforming to society’s standards of beauty, but rather about accepting your uniqueness and celebrating diversity. Every person deserves to feel noticed, appreciated and beautiful in their own skin. My role as a photographer is to help recognize and appreciate the beauty that lies within her, to capture moments of true self-love and acceptance that go beyond outward appearances.

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