Photo shoot in Nervi

Natalia & Wagner 🇧🇷

The photo shoot in Nervi turned out to be a success, despite the cloudy sky. The sea is always amazing, regardless of the weather. The contrast of turquoise water and dark sky created a beautiful background, adding character and charm to each photo. During the session, the magical atmosphere of the beach was captured, and the gentle sound of the waves added additional depth to the photos. Despite the vagaries of the weather, every moment was full of life and energy, which made the photos exceptionally charming and authentic. The rough sea contrasts interestingly with the lovers’ small gestures of tenderness, emphasising the intimacy of their relationship. Their feeling seems to be the last form of existence that survived the attack of the forces of nature.

Nervi is the easternmost district of Genoa and can be easily reached by train, which stops almost right on the seafront. Was it originally a Celt colony? Very likely. Its name comes from the saying “near av inn” – a place close to the sea. Its most beautiful part is the Passeggiata Anita Garibaldi1 promenade suspended on the cliffs, which, attacked by waves, leads to a quiet port. Maybe this road still remembers its humble beginnings and the daily path of fishermen and farmers? Or the glory days when wealthy patricians built their summer residences here? Over time, the growing settlement absorbed the parks of seaside villas. The remaining parts of the gardens were combined into the Parchi di Nervi botanical complex. People here don’t talk much. Probably because the sea drowns them out.

Me, You and the Sea

Marzia Sicignano

Don’t just take anyone to see the sea, that’s a big deal. […]

Bring someone you don’t have to talk to, because the sea is a silent film that surprises you with its colors,
with the sensations it provokes in your guts, and not so much with the sound of the waves, of course, but also.
But what really counts, of the sea, are the nuances. As of everything that is beautiful, after all. 

Bring someone who has been able to show you that you are worth much more than you think, than what you would expect,
someone who makes you a priority and not a pastime,
who can feel your tragedies inside without thinking that they are trivial and irrelevant. 

Bring to see the sea, someone who can understand you without talking
who lift you up if you are lost
who lets you lean on his shoulder when you fall, […].

Bring someone, who makes you feel inside a perfect, stupendous chaos,
who makes you feel that it is beautiful to wake up in the morning, just beautiful.

Bring us someone like that, and you’ll feel like you’re seeing something amazing, something shocking
and you’ll feel like you’re seeing the sea for the first time in your life
because it’s so beautiful you’ve never seen it before.

I myself tried to translate a poem by Marzia Sicignano. You can read the text in the original Italian here

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1Wife and comrade-in-arms of Italian general Giuseppe Garibaldi who united Italy.

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