Street photography of Genoa

Walking along Corso Italia

Going for a walk “fare una passeggiata” is a ritual for many Italians and the seaside promenade of Corso Italia is perfect for this. That’s why my street photography of Genoa focuses there. The promenade stretches lazily along the coast, like a boundary between the steady city and the changing sea. Someone pours sunshine there every day, which slows down the steps and encourages mindfulness. Despite half-closed eyes from the light and the sound of the waves in your head. Of course, it is not necessary to have a goal or a finish line. The important thing is to walk ahead, which becomes very fluid in the company of the sea. And you don’t even realize when, almost in a meditative state, you reach the end. And at the end – the ancient borgo Boccadasse, a former sailors’ settlement. A small bay opens its mouth to the salty waves. Simple, nestled houses have loud colors and smell like a sea. They don’t match the splendor of la Superba1, so they are hidden behind a corner.

Of course, as it is in Italy, it is difficult for a walk to go without food. That’s why, if you make it to Boccadasse, I recommend trying cono fritto at Ge8317 (a cone with fried seafood and vegetables), snacks from Il Genovese and, for dessert, ice cream from Antica Gelateria Amedeo.
While here you can see photos from Genoa.


1It. la Superba – the proud one