Photo Shoot in Genoa

Maria Rosa

A photo shoot in Genoa can take place in many places but this route is one of my favorites. We started on the elegant via Garibaldi. It has some palaces listed by UNESCO. For photos, I recommend one in particular – Palazzo Doria Tursi, as you can enter its courtyard and galleries. This time, however, we did not go inside, taking advantage of the beautiful light on via Garibaldi. At its end, we turned into the narrow street Salita di San Francesco and continued down Salita alla Spianata di Castelletto. Both streets are located on a hill. Since they are not so heavily frequented by tourists, they provide a quiet atmosphere for photos.

After climbing, we reach the Belvedere Castelletto observation deck. From here we can see Genoa’s famous gray roofs, the harbor and the lighthouse. It is also one of the best points (especially in autumn) to see the sunset over the city. However, it is worth staying there a little longer and ending the day with a glass of wine. I recommend the Calice bar the most. Photos from other Genoa locations can be seen here: Boccadasse, Sant’Agostino and Palazzo Ducale, Nervi.

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