B&B Genova Sweet Home

Interior photography

The cosy apartment for rent Genova Sweet Home is located in the heart of the historic part of Genoa and can accommodate 8 people. The entire project combines elegant modernity with historical elements, giving the interior a unique character.

The entrance greets us with a bright living room with an open kitchen and a sofa bed. Specially designed lighting highlights the original brick walls and wooden beam. The apartment consists of three bedrooms. The first – blue one has a beautifully restored black chest of drawers and bedside tables from the early 20th century. The next bedroom has a warm yellow colour and uniquely designed bedside tables. The last room is grey and, in addition to a double bed, also has a desk for remote work. To ensure the comfort of visitors, the the apartment consists of two bathrooms. The larger one is finished with elegant marble-imitation tiles and has a bathtub with a jacuzzi function. The second one has a hydromassage shower and the microcement walls, which adds an industrial character.

Why is it worth taking professional photos of your projects?

Renovation companies, architects, developers and hotel owners should definitely invest in photography of their projects for several key reasons. Firstly, professional architecture and interior photography can significantly increase the visual value of your projects, helping you build an attractive portfolio to attract new clients. The company’s image gains prestige by presenting the high quality of its work. Secondly, good quality photos can reflect the details and unique character of the designed or constructed interiors or buildings, which allows others to better understand the vision. In addition, high-quality photographs can be used in marketing campaigns, websites and promotional materials, attracting customer attention and interest. Architecture and interior photography is an excellent form of project documentation, allowing the company to track work progress, analyse its achievements and be inspired by its own successes. Therefore, investing in professional photographs can bring many benefits for companies operating in the renovation, architecture and development industries.