Personal brand portrait for yoga teacher

Elisa 🇮🇹

The personal brand portrait of Elisa was a very interesting challenge because she is my teacher. In the photos, I wanted to show the connection between the art of yoga and nature, hence the choice of location – Nervi Park in Genoa. Yoga aims to balance the body and mind for a harmonious flow of elemental energy. These five elements are earth, water. fire, air and space.

  • Earth element (Root Chakra) makes us calm, grounded and safe. It also represents the structures of our bodies—bones, flesh, skin.
  • Water (Sacral Chakra) is responsible for flexibility, play, creativity and connection with our emotions. It is naturally represented by body fluids – saliva, digestive juices, synovial fluid, reproductive fluids and blood.
  • Correlating moods for Fire Element (Solar Plexus Chakra) are inner strength, discipline, motivation and change. It represents heat, light, digestion, and metabolism.
  • Air Element (Heart Chakra) is all about love, compassion, intellect and lightheartedness. It represents all forms of motion like blood circulation, breath, thoughts or motion.
  • Aether or the Element of Space (Throat Chakra) makes us open. Moreover, it is the source of intuition and wisdom of the universe. This element rules the spaces of the body, for example the interior of our cells.
Why is a personal brand portrait important in creating a personal brand?

Branding photography is of great importance in today’s competitive market. In a world where your personal brand is crucial to your professional success, high-quality photos play a key role in shaping your online identity. The visual representation of the brand shows professionalism, credibility and personality to potential clients or employers. A well-executed brand portrait captures not only the physical appearance, but also the essence of a person’s brand history, values and unique strengths. It provides insight into their character, expertise and approachability, strengthening trust and connection with the audience. Moreover, consistent brand portraits across platforms ensure brand recognition and reinforce brand messaging, contributing to a strong and memorable image. Whether entrepreneurs, freelancers or corporate professionals, investing in professional branding portrait photography is essential to building a compelling brand presence that stands out in today’s competitive marketplace.

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