Artistic Collage The Deep

Francesca 🇮🇹

The waters are barely lit on the surface, but you can feel their dark depth.
The sea is like that, and that’s why I love it!
A call to life and an invitation to death.

Albert Camus, American Journals⁠

The artistic collage presents the story of the relationship between the Girl and the Sea. This extraordinary dynamic oscillates between harmonious symbiosis and delicate competition. The story begins with a spontaneous decision – a brave leap forward. The situation is getting out of control. However, the paralysing feeling of falling and the moment of panic disappears in the rhythmic waves of water. Natural meditation and surrender to the power of nature make your self-confidence return. Slowly, a relationship begins to form between the girl and the sea. The control gained over the situation is not just a rigid boundary, but a joyful synergy of coexistence. The girl can draw from the source of the plastic power and unbridled freedom of the sea. However, the vast depths of the sea have their dark secrets and corners of horror. Perhaps one day the Girl will also become a part of these undiscovered places. But in this moment of triumph, it doesn’t matter.

Behind the scenes of the photo session

The photo session with Francesca was a unique artistic challenge for me. I knew I wanted to experiment with a new means of expression, and my open model responded fantastically to the ideas. We took the photos during one of the closures of the Covid-19 pandemic. Of course, I had neither a professional studio nor lighting at my disposal. I took photos in a room from which I had removed all the furniture. The photos took as long as the natural light allowed. Perhaps these limitations and isolation inspired me to create a collage with the sea, which I associate with unbridled freedom. Moreover, I have always believed that water is a very plastic medium through which feelings can be symbolically shown. For this project I used my photographs of the Ligurian Sea and the Gulf of Paradise (Golfo Paradiso) in Camogli. The uniform sky background highlights the main characters of the photo – the Girl and the Sea. A white light source accompanies the girl. It can be the sun or the moon at the same time, combining their unchanging masculine and flexible feminine energy.

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