Architecture of London

The city of mirrors through my lens

In the foreground, the architecture of London attacks with clocks. As befits the bustling capital, time plays a very important role here. Or maybe more of a lack of it? A stream of rushing people grabs you and carries you deeper into the city. Sometimes it feels like it’s also time travel. Another strong accent is the colour red, which energises us into a state of alert. However, its influence is strangely not vulgar and flashy – you know – keeping English manners first.

Subsequently, glass skyscrapers. If you do not get lost in the left-hand rise, it is possible to notice that a new city is reflecting the past. The modern, glass architecture of London reflects its history. Glass has become one of the most popular materials in contemporary design. Reflective facades enhance the mirror effect, creating a parallel reality. Elements of urban space are not physically connected. Centuries-old buildings are visible in every piece of glass facades. They look a bit like elegant old-school gentlemen who do not flaunt their presence, hiding in the shadow of modernity, but still exude their charm.

Background: repeating signs. Modest facades of terraced houses politely wait for their owners. The subtle scent of green tea and coffee fills the café space but never goes out onto the street. The promise of rain and grey smog hangs in the air. This is how it should be – the last plan highlights only the main characters, remaining unitary, modest and grey.

You are at the end of it all – just a visitor, with a kind invitation to admire the city. Don’t be fooled, you’re not the observer here. It’s London watching you from behind the two-way mirror of facades. Enjoy your visit!

Travel Palette of London