Be a storyteller of your journey

Photo shoot in Italy

Are you travelling solo and would like to come back with beautiful photos from your trip? Sometimes it’s hard to capture the best moments yourself with the phone, especially if it’s a self-portrait. I’d be happy to help you. A personalised photo shoot in Italy can be a wonderful souvenir that preserves the emotions and memories from your journey.

Individual portrait photography

Maybe you wish to look at yourself from a different perspective? We often see ourselves in a defined way. Let me help you change that. I love that moment when, looking at your photos, you rediscover yourself. In a delicate, sensual, abstract, bold, smiling or thoughtful version. And all in a natural, comfortable space.

Business Lifestyle Photography

Elevate your business story and the essence of your brand with our business lifestyle photography service. Tailored for small businesses and female entrepreneurs, my images exude sophistication and authenticity, blending the vibrancy of your business with the timeless allure of Italy. Let me visually narrate your success.


What will our collaboration look like?

For who?
  • Solo travellers
  • Those wanting to look at themselves from a different perspective
  • People looking for a gift for a loved one
  • Those who want to show their personality in an abstract, artistic way
  • Small businesses and female entrepreneurs
  • Anyone who says they are not photogenic;)

This photoshoot is for one person only – individual portrait. If there are more of you check out this offer.

Before the photo shoot
  • We will plan the shooting scenario together.
  • I will be happy to advise you on the choice of location for your session. Especially if we meet in Liguria. Living here, I have got to know many undiscovered and picturesque places.
  • I can travel to any part of Italy and beyond.
  • I will suggest how to dress and what extra accessories to take.
  • The appointment is booked after signing the contract and paying an advance.
  • If it helps you to feel comfortable in front of the camera, I invite you to a coffee before the session.
During the photo shoot
  • During the shoot, I focus on natural beauty and a relaxed atmosphere. 
  • Everything “con calma” – it. at ease. If you want, we can take a coffee break during (especially the longer) shoots….
  • You don’t have to be afraid of posing – I will help you. However, I am sure it will become natural for you with time.
  • I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about living and traveling in Italy.
  • Transitions between locations are included in the session time.
After the photo shoot
  • Photos are delivered in digital form only.
  • In the offer I specify the minimum number of photos you will receive from me. However, you can expect more! I will provide you with all successful shots at no extra charge.
  • I respect your privacy, which is why I do not include photos in my portfolio without your permission. I let you decide which shots will be featured on my pages.



2 hours, 25 photos


1,5 hour, 20 photos


1 hour, 15 photos


2 hours, 25 photos


1,5 hour, 20 photos


1 hour, 15 photos

of Italy

2 hours, 25 photos


1,5 hour, 20 photos


1 hour, 15 photos


There are no additional charges for my travel and accommodation. Everything is included in the price.
It is possible to purchase the session as a gift – a voucher.

Do you have a different idea for your photos?
Do you dream of a photo shoot in a country other than Italy?
Would you like to know more details about the offer?
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