The Deep

The waters are barely lit on the surface, but you can feel their dark depth.
The sea is like that, and that’s why I love it!
A call to life and an invitation to death.

Albert Camus, American Journals⁠

Artistic collage tells the story of the Girl and the Sea. Their relationship varies between harmonious connection and competition. It starts with a confident leap that gets out of hand. However, panic disappears in the rhythmic waves of water. This natural meditation brings self-confidence back. Control over the situation returns. However, it is not a rigid demarcation of boundaries, but a joyful synergy.


Before creating a photo session with Francesca, I knew that I wanted to try something new. Fortunately, my model was very open to ideas. The sea appeared very instinctively. When creating artistic collage, I used my photos of the Ligurian Sea and Paradise Bay (Golfo Paradiso). It turned out that it is also a special place for Franceska – the place of her wedding. ⁠