Portrait in Nature

To a Young Girl

Open your eyes and face your life! Your fate
has to come true! Fling your horizons wide!
Rise bridges up crss the boggy mires
with your precious, young woman’s hands.

Along the fascinating highway of your life
keep walkin on ahead, on over the mountains!
Bite into fruits as you laugh! Drink from the springs!
Kiss everyone your good luck brings your way!

Wave a hello to the further-distant star,
use your own hands to dig yourself a grave,
and then, with a grin, lie down in it!

Then may the earth’s hands lovingly
bring up into the light, out of your body’s grace
slender and new the stalk of a flower! … 

Florbela Espanca
translated by Austen Hyde, Martind D’Evelin

See HERE the original Portuguese text.

Travel Portrait

This piece of the Portuguese poet from the book ‘Lisbon Poets’ was printed in my memory immediately. Straightforward, motivating, adventurous. A woman and nature are connected based more on cooperation than unity, which accents her independence. Thus I think that this poem shows perfectly the spirit of my female outdoor photography. I travel very often, I love to discover new places. Though, usually my friends are an impulse and a destiny of my travels. Maybe because of that, female outdoor photography is one of my favourites – it connects people and places. Many of these photos were taken during further trips (e.g. Lisbon, Palma de Mallorca, Covilhã). But I was also shooting in places near me – orchard of my grandpa, local stud, botanical garden. But first of all I was inspired by people. Because of that I would like to tell your story, wherever you are.

I would like to thank my models for these photos: Żaneta, Kinga, Sylwia, Ola, Agata, Joanna, Agnieszka, three Katarzynas and Klaudia. I invite you to CONTACT ME to get more information about the photo shooting offer and to visit other portrait GALLERIES.