Photoshoot in Sestri Levante

Natalia & Wagner

The photoshoot in Sestri Levante was very short but effective. We arrived at the small town on the east coast of the Ligurian Riviera before noon. Sestri Levante, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful places in Liguria. I am enchanted by its colors, the endless view of the sea and the bay hidden behind the old town. The former fishing village has become one of the most popular destinations for Italians. Therefore, to take full advantage of Sestri Levante’s beauty, it is worth coming here in early spring or (as we did) autumn.

We took the photos on the beaches of two bays: Baia delle Favole (it. Bay of Fables) and Baia del Silenzio (it. Bay of Silence). Don’t the names already encourage romantic shots? We started on the Baia delle Favole, which was empty at this time. The color of the sea was stunning that day. On the beach I managed to take one of my favorite photos of 2022. Natalia and Wagner embraced on the breakwater, the gentle waves of the sea reflecting the lovers and the green mountains in the background. We arrived at the second bay at lunchtime, so it was a little more crowded. We finished our photos at the Cutter Cucca restaurant, enjoying the beauty of the sea with a glass of white wine and delicious fish dishes.

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