Portrait B&W


Here is purple – a tree’s shadow walking the gravel path,
the purple linking the red and the sapphire in love. –
There the pinkish bark and the joyous green of birches,
and in the flitting dress of the green the skies’ blue circles.
But within me the white, white, white dwells monotonously –
because in me I carry the hues’ focused mystery. –
Within the white of my whiteness oh how I suffer so –
I want to be a hue – who will smash me into a rainbow?

Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska,
translated by Marek Lugowski

Black & White

I love colours. However, sometimes a simple black and white portrait reflects the charm of the women better. Beauty is not always obvious and often lays low even for themselves. At the beginning, many of my models said shyly that actually they do not look good in pictures, that they do not feel comfortable, that it will not work out. I understand it perfectly. I do have similar feelings while posing in front of the camera. But also I know these are just temporary impressions. It is necessary to give ourselves time to get used to the presence of a lens and attention focused just on us. Slowly we become more aware of how our body works and how it looks through the prism of the camera.


In psychology, there is a revealing and eye-opening “Aha!” moment. In photography this “Eureka!” the effect is subtle and unwitting. Model’s eyes are a little bit more shiny. Her body becomes more relaxed. Slowly she takes initiative and starts to propose ideas of new captures. She smiles with satisfaction while watching thumbnail photos on the camera screen. For me, as a photographer it is the most satisfying moment. This time, when a prisma of the lens smashes a woman into a rainbow.

I would like to thank my models for black and white portrait: Ewa, Magdalena, Joanna, Jola, Fiia, Żaneta, Kinga, two Agatas, two Annas and Beata. I invite you to CONTACT to get more information about the photo shooting offer and to visit other portrait GALLERIES.